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so this overheating problem is really just getting bad
no more streaming for today or for a bit maybe?
i'm not sure just my computer over heating is really setting this back so sorry
but thanks to those who show up even if it's short i super appreciate it…


friends are the best muse~
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
Commissions Open by SquirtleStamps…

I love to make new friends talking to people and chatting it up
I don't bite i swear =3
I'm goofy and random and hope to one day have a job doing what i love making people smile and happy and drawing heh
Commissions are open if interested check out here =D
~ Jacqueline

Personal Quote: Make a person smile each day ^^


Conrad relationships by NishiChan
Conrad relationships
Set two of Character relationships.

From top to bottom.

Conrad is always trying to be smooth and suave. And despite Gabriels protests to stay away he still keeps trying. She's not the only girl he goes after, but since she is pretty popular and one of the smart gals in school he tries often. Gabriel has had more then one unpleasent occassion of pushing the guy into the lockers and walking away. He just can't take a hint. She tries to stand it because he's not always a horrible guy just too egotistical for her liking.

When Conrad meets Blackfire he isn't afraid but more amazed. Unfortunatly he's amazed because he finds Blackfire 'exotic' and an even bigger challenge to woo. Blackfire hasn't enjoyed most humans since she got to the earthly plane but Conrad is defiantly the most annoying she's met. She can't count the time sshe's told the go to screw off and go away. But he's persisstant, to her disdain.

Conrad cannot stand Jesse. For one reason or another he just doesn't like the guy. Jesse however, being who he is, is always friendly and kind towards Conrad. He doesn't understand why Conrad calls them rivals and hoenstly doesn't care really. If it made Conrad happy then fine. Jesse has nothing against the guy but Conrad just can't stand Jesse. However, Conrad sees jesse plenty since he hangs with blackfire and gabriel.
Valerie relationships by NishiChan
Valerie relationships
I've got four of these sets of my characters justk inda interacting with one another
I'm gonna post two today and two later lol
from top to bottom

Valerie is BF's best bud they've been close since they were preteens. Valerie teases blackfire a lot, much like an older sister but she does care a lot about her. Valerie respects Blackfires courage to stand up for herself and more then knows the girl can fight off almost anyone. She'll always have her back best she can.

Valerie is a succubus and so doesn't mind preying on humans from time to time. It's not her job more of a, fun 'hobby' for her and jesse isn't an exception. She tries often to tease him and get him to look at her in a more perv way. She finds him a challenge since he seems to not be affected like other humans by her ways. Why? maybe it's because he cares about someone else more orrrr maybe Jesse just beleives he'll die if he messes with a succubus. He likes having his life essence in tact.

Valerie respects Azazel when shes' at work bout outside of that she treats him like a second dad. She keep shim updated on Blackfire's doing (since she's in that phase of not wanting to be a daddys' girl but totally still is) and just in genreal gets along witht eh big guy. She's one of the few people who isn't intimidated by him 24/7 just because of his status.
8x10 Gravity Falls by NishiChan
8x10 Gravity Falls
Gravity falls is absolutly wonderful and Bill cipher is great
though my favs will forever be Mabel and Soos. I am super proud of this print and I hope you guys like it too ^^ the symbols say Gravity Falls thought it was appropriate

Gravity Falls (c) Alex Hirsch
8x10 Opa donel by NishiChan
8x10 Opa donel
So yea I'm a HUGE steven universe fan and this was an opal print that i finished for last convention

Steven Universe (c) Rebecca Sugar

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